«I worked with Franzel as part of his managers/executives program. He helped me boost my motivation and leadership skills by building my self-confidence and analyzing my weak points to attack them at the root. He helped me in my attitude towards complicated meetings with clients and superiors and, in general, to improve my interpersonal relationships. He did all this in a cordial, affable, friendly manner and with a maximum of respect and confidentiality. I have fond memories of those sessions with Franzel.»
Ricardo Turella. Director IFS Solutions.

«Thanks to working with Franzel I was able to discover and return to some ideas that had always been around in my head. The program gave me the confidence and the necessary impulse to evaluate and carry out my business ideas, being able to evaluate the different scenarios and feasibility of my project very excited and also confident in the results. I shaped my entrepreneurship in a way that is already generating income for me, uniting family, pleasure and business.

I recommend this program for adults and teenagers!

Franzel has a high knowledge of the subject, with many resources, strategies, examples and formulas that guarantee success. He has a charisma and dominance of the group that engages and fascinates.

My adored friends and classmates have contributed a lot and nurtured me as a person”.
Ana Cristina Faustinelli.

«I want to express my gratitude for the 8-week course I took with my dear teacher and coach Franzel Delgado.

From the first session to the last it was a spectacle as my emotions were nourished by an immense logic and order.

My thanks initially go to the company I work for. Making this tool available to those of us who carry it out day to day not only seems great to me, but I also necessary…

Each session transformed me (I was one at the beginning and a totally different one at the end). Came out with more impetus, with more balance. The business world is complex and I believe that having someone as Franzel to count on within the organization is one of the best investments that can be made, not only because of these emotions, but also because it is very productive.

Going out with love to your working world has an impact on customer service, employees and the institution.

Eternally grateful and completely satisfied.»
Jesús Flowers. Director Nubel Room.

«The program is wonderful and I can say that I you really learned; short, precise, raised in an intelligent and professional way, aimed at understanding what we really want. I recommend it to all those who want to carry out their dreams working with their own abilities and talent”.
Anna Panova

“Part of success is knowing yourself and your limitations, turning them around and making the most of them. Franzel manages to enter without you noticing and unconsciously, you take him out by understanding the processes that the reward entails. The effort will be worth it, not only improvements in the general and strategic vision of the business, but also, you increase the team management capacity, which leads to a strengthening of the operational bases”
Gabriella Suarez. Director at Azotea Grupo.

«Since man is a man, since the word exists, since we are capable of sharing as humans ideas, concepts, doubts, fears, realities, dreams, since then, dialogue has become our best fuel to make our wishes become reality. Of course, for that to happen, we need a valid interlocutor, who is capable of accompanying us on our journey through our future projection, guiding us on our way to meet the future SELF that we are imagining. In my work as a composer, I am used to constantly imagining what an almost finished song might sound like at the moment of composing it, barely accompanied by just a guitar. Nevertheless, in my challenge of imagining where my business could go, my process improves dramatically when I rely in a team that helps me in areas where alone, sometimes shadows prevail. As part of my team, I have been lucky enough to share endless dialogues with my friend Franzel, achieving my goals through all those conversations that we have shared. He has always had the knowledge and experience of knowing how to focus goals on what is really decisive for each moment. We have worked from the most personal level to the business level, feeling truly accompanied and supported in all the moments we have shared together”.
David Otero. Composer and singer.

“To all the entrepreneurs who dream of launching their own project, this program is what they exactly need, without a doubt.

It is comprehensive, since it starts from your inner self and then progress to one or several projects that are already in your mind giving you the possibility to assess them and test them. I think that the most interesting point is the practical and spontaneous way you learn through the whole process.

This experience has taken me to a higher level, speaking not only from a personal point of view, but also from a family and professional perspective.

It has helped me to discover the potential hidden inside myself and to awaken it. I was able to discover all the different and valuable existing tools and to get the most out of them.

I have reprogrammed many aspects of my personal and professional life. And the most interesting thing from my point of view is that all this knowledge becomes a new way of life that translates into achievements from small to more ambitious ones. This, due to the security generated regarding decision-making in the short, medium and long term.

Thank you dear Franzel for all those weeks dedicated to us with so much love, care and professionalism. They flew by. I will miss continue learning… a very strong hug and success”.
Maria Alejandra Mendoza Molero.

«The truth is that the experience with Franzel was a great surprise for me. I had friends who had been to these types of sessions but I hadn’t found the time to try myself.

Those one-hour sessions in which you open up to a person who does not know you, help you to manage much better your strengths and weaknesses from a totally objective perspective, getting rid of the past bias. Franzel helps you to relativize, to empathize, to manage situations that generate internal conflict in you resulting in a charge of well-being and in an ability to value what you have.

The program proposes a continuous job very useful to keep improving your personal life afterwards».
Lucia Chumillas. Experience Manager at Azotea Grupo.

«For me, the word that defines working with Franzel is motivation.

Those weeks with him awakened my self-confidence. It is an inspiring program, very well run and delivered. It encourages you to do things and makes you feel capable of everything. Through the exercises suggested you discover great things about yourself.

You realize that it is never too late to dream.”
Laura Solana.

«This program has been the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I am not exaggerating, it transformed my way of thinking, it encouraged me to go for what I really want to be and do in life. It gave me the necessary tools to be able to trace a path meet all the goals I have set. I learned to believe in myself, to feel capable of achieving many of my goals, and above all, to grow as a person and to set myself greater challenges on a professional level. I found I Franzel an exceptional guide, a being of light who accompanies and motivates at all times. It is a complete program that through the tools provided becomes super easy to apply in our lives, from the easiest to the most complex. You just have to take action and firmly believe in your goals. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. And Franzel, I am not lying when I say that you are light, I am truly grateful to you, life is beautiful!”
Eilyn Lopez.

«This program gave me a very clear step-by-step plan to achieve full inner freedom and improve both my personal and business life. The techniques and exercises provided helped me to establish precise objectives that I am already carrying out with determination and ease. The program is designed for people who are looking for a tangible formula for personal growth and teaches acting from the everyday to the transcendental. I recommend it 100%«.
Vera Tararov.