These are extremely hard and complex times for human beings, full of vertigo, pressure and excess of information and stimuli, regardless of their social and productive role. That´s why I firmly believe that a time and space dedicated to their introspection, self-recognition, reflection and self-monitoring is essential to ensure their balance and productivity at all levels.

Due to the above, I decided to engage myself in the development of strengthening and high-performance programs tailored to the needs of people: managers and executives, adults with diverse needs and concerns, athletes, artists, and even teenagers.

It is not about coaching. I simply combine and transmit as effectively as possible a series of tools, techniques, disciplines and experiences, both personal and professional, acquired during my personal and professional life to try to actively contribute to the search for the integral well-being of the individual as a mean to enhance his abilities and talents, aiming to achieve his total productivity and fullness in any scope of his life.