Quantum Leap Program

Absolutely innovative transformation program designed to significantly and rapidly enhance the proactivity, productivity and commitment of key employees in organizations, on the basis of his full well-being and his comprehensive capabilities as an individual.


Quantum Leap is based on NOT technical, but critical concepts for the employee’s optimal development. It´s related to complementary and fundamental skills, mostly ignored in the traditional business environment. A real gift for the worker and a tremendously profitable investment for the company, since in a short time its workers are capable of notably improving in terms of:


– Better manage of changing processes.

– Defining clear and optimal objectives.

– Drawing up effective strategies that are truly aligned with the established objectives.

– Executing effectively and complying with the established deadlines.

– Assuming responsibilities.

– Managing teams better and leading processes with maximum efficiency.

– Make better and firm decisions.

– Facing crisis situations and other adversities with a better attitude and willingness.

– Improving their confidence and self-esteem.

– Maintaining better relationships with their supervisors, supervisees, peers and other members of the organization, in favor of its interests.


Quantum Leap is not about coaching. It is simply a combination of tools, techniques, disciplines and experiences, personal and professional, acquired during a 27-year professional career and arranged in this case to actively contribute to the achievement of maximum productivity of the individual within the organization in which he performs, addressing aspects not related to his technical or professional expertise.



Format and duration:


Flexible program, non-protocolized and adapted to the limited time of workers within their working routine and requirements: 12 weeks (with at least 1 weekly session, either face-to-face or online).


FDB Curriculum Spotlight for Quantum Leap:


27 years of studies and experience performing functions in multinational companies and projects in several territories (USA, Latin America, Spain and China), in charge of multicultural personnel from more than 30 countries, carrying out functions related to: facilitating change processes, strategic planning, optimization of communication, effective alignment of people and objectives, change and crisis situations advisory, optimization of interpersonal relationships and the stability of workers in and out their organizations.

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  1. “Only 25% of job successes are predicted by I.Q., 75% of job successes are predicted by your optimism levels, your social support and your ability to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat».

Shawn Anchor (Positive Psychology expert, Harvard University).


  1. “Happy workers are 13% more productive”

Oxford University Saïd Business School


  1. “66% of employees are not actively engaged, or even actively disengaged, with their company (they are not emotionally connected, feel miserable and/or spread unhappiness)”.



  1. Do you want to obtain from your workers the performance and commitment that their level of training and experience suggest?


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achievement of your objectives, the success of your management and your peace of mind.


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